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origenes to present

Batik is an acient technique, that probably dates before oil painting was invented. In the islands of Indonesia people use this technique to embellish their clothing. Women are in charge of applying hot wax to the cloth, creating intricate designs, while men are in charge of dying and combining the colors of the finished textile. This beautiful piece can be used to make clothing. I was taught this technique by a spaniard teacher back in Argentina (Emilia Pradas), I found the process facinating, although it took me a while to master it, I fell in love with this medium and I left my watercolors and oils behind in order to dedicate myself to use batik as my medium of expression. I have no interest of creating a wearable object of art, I rather feel the need to express my world of fantasy through this method.

I have found difficulties trying to fit my artwork in galleries, because it is considered for many as a craft more than fine art. My work speak for itself, and I personally consider it just a medium of expression.
In New York the abundance of galleries is remarkable, but accesible only to a few artists. My choice was to make my own path, with help of two very talented artists, Angelo Romano and Pedro Yaya, I went to the Libraries of New York City and showed our work, and later on became the curators of exhibitions in those places since nobody had used the space before to display art, we were able to help other artists show their work. I organized one exhibit each month, with a different artist, I was in charge of the Yorkville branch on 79th street in Manhattan.
When I moved to Tucson, I had a show at my new home, which brought very interesting people and the happy meeting of the leader of a jazz group: "libre de grasa". Aaron invited me to his shows and I agreed to take pictures for the band. I also designed the cover for their new album: Heavenly streets.
Back to batik I hope you enjoy the show and email me if you want more info.




My father is a dancer and he directs and choreograph (Ballet Los Pampas) an amazing spectacle, I have worked with them designing props and lights for their shows. All of this amazing imagery and the memories in my genes, (they dance tango and floklore from Argentina), had inspire me to create my batiks.