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Dear visitors thank you for being here.
Please let me introduce myself, for those that don't know me.
I am originally from Mendoza, Argentina, I moved to New York in 1991 and I am currently living in Tucson since 2000.
I am an artist, specializing in batik, I've been working in theater for 10 years designing, operating and constructing sets and lights for plays and dance shows, I also enjoy photography.
Last year I added to my list of activities candle making, if you ever think of giving a gift for any occasion, contact me, I might be able to help.
In New York I used to exhibit my art work, also organize exhibits in the New Yok Public Libraries, I intent to do so here in Tucson, may be not in Libraries but in other venues as well, my goal is to help and promote art and artists.
Since my sister Eugenia grabbed a camera I felt inspired to take pictures, so this year after 10 years of handling 35mm cameras and taking pictures of actors, dancers and the city(NY), I decided to get into a dark room and "cook" some images, I have never developed my own photographs, you might say I am getting there too late in this digital age, but I am happy with the results, hoping to share with you my vision of the world.
So please click on the links and I'll transport you to the many facets that are my own.
Contact me if you are interested in my art work.
Enjoy the ride.

After you have checked my photographs, go to this really cool place. This guys rock, well, actually jazz.