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Photography means to draw with lights.
In that concept I started drawing with light in Tucson, Arizona. What atracted me from this place was its arquitecture, which is made out of short buildings, expanding horizontally with the land.
The roofs stretching toward the sky but never reaching, an unfullfilled, frustrated love affair.

For me taking a photograph goes beyond seeing the world through a rectangular box. The journey begins when light touches the elements around, they become my subjects and leave an impression on me.

Photography is a tool that helps me bring the emotions back to viewer.

The way that I approach a subject, is the same that I would use with a human portrait, will it be a landscape or a still life. I try to find the best angle, composing using what I believe will be the best representation of what I sense from the subject. Contrast is very important in my work, since I use black and white most of the time, I see in shades of gray, trying to use the least of them, white against the black, seems to bring a dramatic effect that brings out the best of the subject.

Light reveals the world to our eyes, the film is a dark world, a dark canvas that is waiting to be touched, to be painted upon.

That is the vision with which I approach this medium.

When I am able to manipulate the light touching the subject I use sidelight, or in the field I wait for the morning or the afternoon when the sun caresses the landscape, this type of illumination seems to bring out the texture of things.





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